Opening event and video games installation for Sklizeno – Ozajstné jedlo

All day opening with in-store tasting, lectures and a brand new digital playground in a grocery store? Why not. We took care of the end-to-end event production and developed 3 mini-games that keep children busy while their parents do the shopping.

Sklizeno – Ozajstné jedlo is Czech chain of grocery shops. On January 13th 2016, their first shop was opened in Bratislava. The place is family friendly with a modern and interactive kids corner. We have created an gesture-controlled installation, which is both fun and educational. These games are explaining basic duties of fair farmers. Whole fun consist of three mini game slots:

  1. Saving an apple from pest
  2. Fruit harvesting
  3. Sheep shearing

Slovak illustrator Jana Malatincová did a gret job making the game adorable.

A game about the hard parts of farming, mini games

We also took care and managed the opening day. The main idea was “spend a day in Sklizeno.” Throughout the whole first day, people could taste breakfast, nosh and small snack. The day started in early morning with a breakfast related lightning talk by girls from

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