Are you ‘built’ for this position?

Production of job fair stall and design and implementation of interactive recruiting application.

Job fairs are highly competitive places, where companies fight for the best candidates. In order to attract the best, you need to stand out. Pens, badges and candies are no crowd-pullers anymore. We know how much people love to play and that is what we had on our minds when we designed the experience-inducing stall of ČSOB bank for job fairs. We got rid of unnecessary furniture, made the place as open as possible. At the end it was comfortable to approach our interactive recruiting application.

Floating cells filled the big LCD screen and each of them represented a specific human skill. By hovering their hand over a small stand, people could pick cells with their skills and form a sequence. This was then matched with a database of open positions and the best fit was selected. This way, we utilized the inherent curiosity and engaged stall visitors in the recruiting process the fun way. We used the Leap Motion sensor for accurate hand tracking.

application ČSOB bank stall on Profesia days 2016

It was also this year that we had a chance to become a part of Profesia days 2016 with ČSOB bank stall again. We used the same interactive recruiting application with a Leap Motion sensor. We mended it a little bit mended for “picking the job” process this time. Instead of collecting cells from a screen, you had a chance to choose from a currently opened positions. You then guessed which bunch of cells belong to the actual job position. For a moment, you had become some kind of a ČSOB bank HR specialist. 

application Job seekers had a chance to match cells with currently opened positions in ČSOB bank

Besides, it was a great success, that together with our stall concept and recruiting application we had helped ČSOB to win a 3rd place in the Profesia days Stall Competition that day. Read what bloggers from Profesia days 2016 wrote about ČSOB bank stall: