Creating a quiz with game development tools

Making a UI heavy application like a quiz is a great use case for traditional web technologies. We chose an alternative approach, where we used a game engine to make the app more eye-catching and immersive.

We created a quiz for Tatra Banka that the company uses in job fairs and public events. The goal is to attract potential employees, get their contacts and make a preliminary measurement of their knowledge. It is hard to get attention of people in crowded places. That’s why we decided to make the application visually appealing and encapsulate the experience into a story.

To achieve this, we used an open-source game engine Godot. Thanks to this decision, we were able to use features such as lighting, particle systems and easily integrated touch controls. Using a game development tool did not only make the final application more eye catching. Most importantly, it helped us underline our clients’ image of technologically advanced company. A huge benefit was, that the tool allowed us to both create quick prototypes for consultations with our client and deliver the final polished product.

Assets were made by great Dana Bubáková. Original idea came from Oliver Kamenský as his answer to a Challengest challenge. The application itself is intended for use on big touch monitors, but works with mouse as well.

Quiz game in use

First users of our app at the University of Economics in Bratislava. We used game development tool Godot Engine to create the quiz.