Data tex-style patterns

Custom software that allows you "weave" 3D scans obtained from RGBD sensors using textile design patterns. Project was presented by projecting on cloth that reacted on touch. Created in collaboration with Zuzana Zmateková.

Collaborating with a textile designer was both refreshing and highly educative. Zuzana Zmateková approached us with an idea to collaborate.  We focused on her masters thesis dealing with the term New Aesthetic.

By merging the world of textile with the world of computer science, we created a tool she could use to generate her designs. First we take a depth scan of a thing. This is a photo where each pixel is associated a position in 3D space, giving us a data structure called a point cloud. Then, we connect the points with vertical and horizontal lines and interweave these similarly to how a Jacquard loom does – with adjustable patterns, color etc.

Having programmed fixed logic for how the color is interpolated with respect to points position. Each scan has its specific characteristics no matter what the designer does.

You could have seen results displayed on a large framed cloth that reacted on touch. An interface similar to this.