Interactive floor plan

Touch screen enabled solution for indoor navigation. Easy to customise based on your needs.

We offer an easily extensible solution for venues and events that want to simplify navigation of visitors and customers. The core functionality of our interactive floor plan – displaying 3D maps and showing paths from current to desired location – can be extended based on what you need. The application runs on all major desktop computer platforms, supports touch and mouse input and can easily be used without any special technological setup.

The navigation system with 2 additional layers – questionnaire and event timetable – is used by Profesia Days job fair to help their 20 000 visitors spend less time searching for the way and focus on why they came to the event. Find images from the app below! Graphic design by Truben Studio.

Interested in the product? Contact us for info about pricing, or with any questions regarding your use case.

Interactive floor plan – the base view shows the map with stalls placed in different zones (indicated by different color), highlighted stalls (logo tooltip) and current programme on the top.

The app shows you a path to the selected stall.

Custom layer with event timeline.

Custom layer with questionnaire.