Online exposition of František Studený

Explore the world of the painter František Studený. A special project in pandemic times made together with illustrator Andrej Kolenčík for Nitra Gallery.

František Studený’s online exposition is a pilot project  of Nitra Gallery that is trying to respond to the current pandemic situation with one of the only ways of art presentation possible at the moment. The online exposition is supposed to be a prequel to a permanent one. Its current visual language is supposed draw attention to František Studený’s work. Together with illustrator Andrej Kolenčík and gallery´s curators, we wanted to try and create an online exposition that will focus on presenting František Studený’s theme palette.

You can navigate the map of František Studený’s exposition with your mouse or trackpad. By clicking a flag, you unveil a work by František Studený. Explore the world of the painter František Studený.