Next book

Website with animation for new interactive book format - Next Book.

In March 2018 we were approached by Nová beseda. A Czech publishing house focusing on non-fiction literature. Their series of books ‘What is new in [AI, philospohy, aesthetics, biology, etc.]’ is about the recent developments in art, humanitites and science. A novel approach to publishing is needed so these books won’t become obsolete. Hence Nová beseda joined forces with Jan Martínek and started a research in the field of digital publishing. A project called Next book was born. Next book is a web-based e-book format that allows readers to comfortably ingest their favorite books on any device with a web browser.

We were tasked with building a presentation platform for the next book – a fancy name for a web page. Seeing this as both an opportunity to touch the technology and a good proof of powers of Next book, we decided to create a Next book about Next book, with a slight touch of our favorite technology – a WebGL powered cover of the book. See the result for yourself, or see the video on this page.