Goethe-Institut Bratislava approached us with a request to make an event as a side program of Spieltrieb – a traveling German exhibition. Our answer was Spiel-Institut, a video games exhibition, where we also introduced our own game - Freude Quest!

In Freude Quest, your task is quite easy – share your smile with sad pedestrians in German cities. As you make more people happy, the city unfolds in front of you. You are a small powerful girl and you can make a big difference. Controls? Your own hands. Thanks Leap motion.

Illustrations are made by Jan Sramek from Owl Illustration Agency.

Spiel-Institut had an opening on September 17th 2015, with talk about game jams by Matthias Guntrum from GentlyMad. Afterwards, a game tournament occured in Scream or Die. The exhibition in Goethe-Institut closes on December 12th 2015.

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