The girl´s special day with Virtual Reality.

Written by julia on May 4, 2016

Day set, plan created, girls invited and Progressbar cleaned up! We were ready to start The Girl´s Day in IT event created by Slovak organization Aj ty v IT.  The 28th of April had come and we were ready to host 20 brave girls from more than 3 different Slovak high schools. Some of them took the long journey and came to visit us even from the eastern part of our republic! We had really appreciated this fact and were even more excited about the day.

OK, maybe some of you are curious why we have chosen the virtual reality theme. We picked it up from a very simple reason – it is very boosting and fascinating theme nowadays. VR is becoming a big deal in the world and we simply wanted to follow this trend. Moreover, we would like to introduce to girls´ fresh brains a completely different area of knowledge and experience. 

The day started at 9 a.m. and we had much to do! We started with a short look around the Progressbar space and also with some presentation about VR, its history and everyday use. The minutes slowly passed away and the level of shyness was on a decline. Finally we started some nice chats and heard many different point of views. Dare to say it was not only about VR! Girls had also tried out our newest sound installation, latest works and emerged themselves into the VR game.

Aj ty v IT, Mlady pes, virtual reality

The winning group

The second part of the day was dedicated to girls´ mini projects. We had even brought some stylish cardboard VR glasses which were supposed to be given to the winning team. The main theme: how to use VR correctly and make up your own plan with VR to help people around you. In groups girls could have discussed their ideas. During the final presentations we have heard 4 very creative ideas. Our special jury had no other option just to pick up one idea, whom creators you can see on the picture above. Winners aimed their thoughts about everyday virtual reality use to sports men, dancing classes, tourism and body workout. Congratulations!

The last but not least, we would like to thank to Hemisféra guys, who came to show us virtual reality oculus. Thank you to Aj ty v IT organization to make this all happen and on the first place to the girls, who made this day special. We are already looking forward to be a part of such event in the future again!

Event made by Mladý pes: