Website that sheds light on what is known about the impact of computer games on kids. We help parents avoid prejudices, educate them and recommend good games for their children. Because it is important.

Technological advancement is fast and so is the evolution of video games. In just a couple of decades, games have transformed from experiments made by a couple of lucky ones with access to computers to a cultural phenomenon that can hardly be avoided. Especially for kids. There is a generation of parents who did not grow up with video games, but whose kids already did. In Slovakia, there is a strong negative opinion consensus on games. Internet search mostly yields results of explanations why playing games is a waste of time that is dangerous and unhealthy and/or step-by step guides on how to limit computer time of children to minimum. We think this approach is wrong and this project is our take on this.

The aim of the project is to objectively inform parents about video games and their impact on children by publishing game reviews and thematic articles written by specialists. The emphasis is put on educational and highly aesthetic games, because beauty and knowledge is what matters in life. We hope, that through the project we can de-mystify video games and help parents deal with this topic. Many thanks to Pixel Federation for being a responsible game developer and helping us building this project.